Rated M Twilight Fiction Rated: M English General/Romance Chapters: 32 Words: 100,623 Reviews: 2446 Updated: 12-27-10 Published: 3-28-10 Bella/Peter, Extreme AU. Complete. Find a man in my area! He didn't want to let her go, he felt that he had waited to long for this, and he wasn't going to wait anymore. WIP. Hey, looks like you need help finding something. These days, fan fiction isn't as much of a dirty little secret as it used to be. AH, non-canon. Parent Esme Cullen. Slightly OCC. She finally returns to Forks, and Jake finds himself falling in love with her all over again. x. Prologue. Mostly canon couples. Isabella Swan is an heiress to the Swan fortune. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/Angst Chapters: 38 Words: 86,076 Reviews: 857 Updated: 5-8-11 Published: 11-7-10 Bella/Quil Jr. Quil Sr. imprints on Bella. Needless to say, Carlisle was furious for Edward leaving Bella stranded, yet again. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/Angst Chapters: 40 Words: 262,268 Reviews: 2853 Updated: 6-12-12 Published: 10-4-10 Bella/Jasper Complete, It is decreed that the mate of the heir to the crown of the Dark Kingdom will be of human flesh born of pain, loss and hate. Follow the dark princeas he finds his mate and seeks revenge on the one that harmed her. B/J B/E [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. But what happens when Paul phases and imprints on bella the same day that Edward decides he wants her back. Can Bella finally let go and admit love doesnt need to be a curse? Will they get their HEA? so here it is! Edward and Bella have always had an unusual connection, and she has to decide if she wants to throw caution to the wind and let him all the way in. Slight AU and OOC. She has never met the Cullens, shes in College she visits Italy while on spring break. Now, he just has to convince her to stay put in La Push long enough so he can tell her. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/General Chapters: 6 Words: 42,869 Reviews: 219 Updated: 9-11-11 Published: 9-8-11 Bella/Jasper Complete, Broken Lights on the Freeway by Chibi-Kari, This is more important, Char! Title may change. First published May 05, 2019. 15 hours ago, by Eden Arielle Gordon LEMON! Its time for Bella to wake up and see what is truly going on under her own nose. She felt sick as his other hand began to touch and trace her breast. R&R! Work Search: She tightened around him as tight as she could as she came causing him to fill her with his cum roaring her name. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Drama/Romance Chapters: 18 Words: 87,993 Reviews: 457 Updated: 7-26-11 Published: 9-1-10 Bella/Peter, Southern Weather by ThePenIsMightierThanTheSword13, After leaving condescending Edward, Bella moves back to the hometown where she grew upThere, she finds the last missing piece to the puzzle that is Isabella Alistair. I should be getting ready for spring, not worrying about shoveling 8 inches of snow. My dear beta, kleannhouse, is in high demand trying to juggle the stories of three writers. When you have no idea there are things to bewary of and fate intervenes, what will happen when bureaucracy hears rumors that you have been around someone you shouldnt? Your going to be my mate, Bella, he said so matter of factly that Bella couldn't help but stare at him as if he was crazy. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Fantasy/Romance Chapters: 33 Words: 231,370 Reviews: 2058 Updated: 10-1-11 Published: 2-12-10 Bella/Emmett Complete, He ran into her on 5th Ave. and the rest of their lives were like a song! Halloween night? Her growing feelings for the hottie doctor could be her salvation or her destruction. . It literally has a pretty detailed lemon in the first chapter (and most other chapters) It's been years since I read this but There Will Be Blood has pretty detailed lemons. Is it a start of a new romance or a just a complication? Suddenly, he finds himself drawn to a beautiful widow with a LOT of baggage- four rambunctious sons. * } else { He takes her to protect her and they become family. .language and smut. Get your daily life hack right in your inbox. AU/OOC. Loneliness had long been his companion, his small coven more broken than whole. Will Paul help her get over Edward? REVIEW: Bella and Quil find themselves comforting eachother after the loss of Jakes friendship. She was struggling now, trying to free her arms as her face swung side to side in an attempt to free her mouth. Inspired by TKegls Beyond Time AU/ExBxC She will not leave until she's changed, and if she isnt changed she will not leave at all. Bella, her tear-stained face red with lack of oxygen, pushed her raw and sore throat to continue to make sound, hoping against hope that someone would hear her, though she was feeling more hopeless than she had ever felt at that moment. Jacob's POV "Stop whining Jake," Leah nagged, "If you told her the truth from the beginning you'd never would have had this problem." And yes, there are favorites of mine in there. He looks too young. She felt something poke her lower back, and harsh breathing in her ear as she was turned towards the door and lowered onto her bed with herself seating into the person's lap. WINNER of Second Place in the 'Best Friend' Jacob category in the Sort of Beautiful Challenge . A little feral/dominating Carlisle. I always knew that you would be mine, the minute I saw you. "" B/J E/A Em/R P/Char.Rated M for Language and Violence in future chapters. Thousands of scars show my past but at least I know who I am. Find out in A Fanging Howl-O-Ween to Remember. But that was until she had her first transformation in wolf form the night before. Fortunately, he has help from a most unlikely source. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/General Chapters: 31 Words: 177,386 Reviews: 1736 Updated: 8-28-11 Published: 9-16-10 Bella/Jasper Complete, Close to her death, Bella realizes that is not just Edward leaving her whats causing her heartache, but all the Cullens. My name is Edward. He searched every room for you and decided you must still be out with your friends. Bella and Edward are having fun, casual sex when feelings start to (inevitably) intervene. She likes trouble and chaos and doesn't believe in love. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Drama/Romance Chapters: 12 Words: 75,337 Reviews: 416 Updated: 3-26-12 Published: 5-3-11 Jasper/Bella, She is a mystery, a siren, who threatens everything he has been working for. 9 Twilight Fan Fictions Better Than Fifty Shades of Grey. I searched Alexander Skarsgard leprechaun and the picture above is what popped up. Jared stopped his tickle torture, helping Bella up out of the sand. Her legs kicked at him as her hands struggled to free themselves from their binds. Jumping as her heart began to race, she went to turn around only to be stopped by the arm that wrapped around her waist, trapping her own to her sides as she was brought back against a cold, muscled chest. BellaxJasper OOC M for future chapters & language Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Angst - Bella, Jacob - Words: 3,144 - Reviews . "I'm just going to go change, I spilt water on my skirt." She shot her uncle a quick look that clearly left . Some strong language for moments of intense anger. Especially when he kept her away from the Ice Queen, Rosalie Hale. And freaking awesome. Bella wants sex.She tries to seduce Edward. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Hurt/Comfort/Romance Chapters: 111 Words: 395,887 Reviews: 3644 Updated: 5-16-11 Published: 10-9-10 Carlisle/Bella Complete, The Kindness of Semi Strangers by Freddie Stardust, Bella would rather not have a fuss made over yet another near-death experience until she meets the man making the fuss. Rated M for a reason, 18 and over only. When Carlisle Cullen stumbles upon an accident scene, on a wooded slope bordering the highway, his control is put to the test. About to graduate she has her next couple years planned out until a hot vampire finds her and turns her world upside down. This relationship eventually became a deep family-like bond between Bella and Jacob, after the latter imprinted on her daughter, Renesmee. This is the one that has Skarsgard as Caius. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/Drama Chapters: 2 Words: 29,508 Reviews: 23 Updated: 12-4-11 Published: 4-3-11 Bella/Carlisle Complete, WINNER of the Write For The Other Team O/S Contest **What happens when Carlisle comes back to Forks? Willow's Twilight Fanfiction. This pairing is because he is mysterious. Jasper & Bella story. Bella is a young college student with a bright future. Bella Wolf. What happens when the youngest pack member imprints on Bella Swan? But the cherry on top is the hot doctor who happens to be their dad. Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/Hurt/Comfort Chapters: 18 Words: 130,281 Reviews: 1627 Updated: 6-20-11 Published: 7-4-10 Bella/Jasper, Late nights, break ups and margaritas lead to interesting things. Complete. I love this story the devil you know by Unseelie Sidhe on fanfiction its a Bella/Paul couple.I dont know if I can write here but like i love this story and maybe it can interest people. Now, for the first time in four years, they met again on Hilton Head island. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Angst/Romance Chapters: 19 Words: 87,221 Reviews: 897 Updated: 7-22-11 Published: 7-15-09 Bella/Emmett Complete. Who will stand by her and what battles will she have to fight to find her happiness? Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/Angst Chapters: 1 Words: 18,741 Reviews: 34 Updated: 5-12-12 Published: 5-12-12 Bella Complete, I normally dont ship but these are the exceptions, Her life was uneventful until she met a stunning, mysterious, obsessive man with a monstrous hidden past. Jacob is the last straw Bella leaves Forks. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Get Started Please let me go, please, who ever you are, she said, her voice quivering with emotion. LEMONS! } Time changes people but can it change traditions? She didn't realize that she wasn't alone in the room until she heard the door snap shut. A night to remember and to become a vampire. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/General Chapters: 12 Words: 33,052 Reviews: 329 Updated: 6-2-11 Published: 11-23-10 Bella/Jasper. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/Hurt/Comfort Chapters: 31 Words: 183,938 Reviews: 1905 Updated: 10-2-11 Published: 2-20-10 Edward/Bella, The full story to the Red Ribbon assassin-Finalist to Tattward and Inkella Contest: She finds every corpse he hides. Now living in the Yukon Territory, Carlisle and Bella have since found love and healing in the other. While there she meets Carlisle, there is no Esme in this story and Edward is with Tanya. Together they wandered through the South for decades, roaming from place to place. But when the Volturi come after her, her life is saved by a mysterious vampire with ties to Aro, will her fear of loving again steal a new chance at happiness? Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/Drama Chapters: 48 Words: 196,713 Reviews: 1590 Updated: 9-16-11 Published: 10-30-10 Sam/Bella Complete, MA AU. AU/AH All my normal disclaimers apply. I seem to have forgotten to tell you, he said, pulling off his shirt before laying down on her so that his chest was pressed against hers. Post author: Post. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Hurt/Comfort/Romance Chapters: 15 Words: 41,865 Reviews: 159 Updated: 6-25-12 Published: 12-16-11 Bella/Jasper, When faced with a chance to finally get revenge, would you take it? Can drunken sex turn into love? With the huge success of Fifty Shades of Grey, which . The minute his hand moved away, she began begging. Cocky Edward meets Cougar Bella in corporate America; sparks fly, sex happens. If Every Word I Said Could Make You Laugh Loneliness had long been his companion, his small coven more broken than whole. And what if his family stayed behind, and refused to leave her the way he did? Why are you doing this? she whispered, lips trembling. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/General Chapters: 2 Words: 24,859 Reviews: 365 Updated: 9-1-09 Published: 4-17-09 Edward/Bella, As Bella spends more time around Jake, she begins to discover changes in herself. I may take requests if this gets a few reads. She checked her father's bedroom, tilting her head when she saw nothing was out of place. Victim by Tima. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. He quickly removed her shirt and bra before retying her hands to her head board. What if he'd 'forgotten' to tell Bella all of the truth regarding his family? Really well. Bell, he seemed to murmur again, breathing in deeply, and her heart stuttered to a stop as she realized multiple things:1) He was covered in blood, and almost none of it could truly be his.2) His eyes were still unfocused, and no longer the blue she had come to love.and3) His shirt had all but been torn to shreds, but there, on his bare shoulder had a single, jagged bite mark that could only be the sign of a vampire. No matter where it is, Twilight fan fiction runs the gamut from all-human stories to the original vampire/werewolf storyline. Just letting you know! but I did enjoy it and it has EPOV and BPOV (Once a Request, but it wasn't written, so I wrote it myself, Hereby the story-idea is mine)Carlisle has a very good lustfull time on purpose with his daughters in law alone in the house in the woods for very good reasons. A lot of my old reliables have since been pulled from the Internet for publication or personal reasons, so I sadly left those off. lemons! The main emotion that she was feeling, however, was fear. by Vampire-Addict-22, edward get too much for bella to deal with. The next morning, she awakens in an unimaginable time and place: Houston, 1862. A ribbon. Speklezis the one who turned me onto him and I am glad she does, he is one of the underwritten vampires for finished stories. Despite her young age, she knew exaclt was impregnate meant, and knew that he was going to rape her. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Drama/Angst Chapters: 37 Words: 82,573 Reviews: 1816 Updated: 10-27-11 Published: 7-13-11 Bella/Sam Complete, If imprinting was less about finding that perfect some one, and more about finding that some one who makes you perfect, you never know who you might find it. Bella went to Volterra to save Edward, but the unthinkable happens. Multi-Chapter: How Quickly is Forever. Dont you understand? USC student Bella Swan finds herself asking that question when she gets involved with the sexy, yet tight-lipped Dr. Carlisle Cullen, a man living in a self-imposed purgatory for the undisclosed crimes of his past. A crime. AU-Non Cannon- OOC- Rated M Emb/B Without meaning to she let out a startled scream, which was quickly muffled by his hand. Tension rises in the pack, however, after Sam harms Jacob. Isabella Swan comes face to face with Carlisle Cullen, and learns a few new truths about the world she has arrived at. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/Hurt/Comfort Chapters: 29 Words: 156,294 Reviews: 1060 Updated: 10-12-12 Published: 9-16-11 Bella/Carlisle Complete, Bellas life is a constant choice between bad and worse until she moves to Forks and meets the one man who can ease her burdens. After returning from Italy, Bellas not sure if she can still love Edward. NOMINATED for BEST FLUFF in the Sparkle Awards. Different PoVs. The remnants of her tattered soul crumbled the day Jacob turned his back on her. With the Volturi wanting her dead or changed, time is ticking. When their paths cross, will they endure the danger lurking or fail in their race for survival? Eventual J/B/Peter/Char. Shes a college graduate. This is a One Shot. Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/Humor Chapters: 5 Words: 9,279 Reviews: 55 Updated: 11-13-10 Published: 4-27-10 Bella/Peter, The Subtle Grace of Gravity by wonderwoundedhearers, Set in NM. As Beau settles in, he gets closer to his father Charlie, his new friends, and the mysterious Cullens. Will they spend forever loathing each other, or will they somehow fall in love and allow Bella to take her place as Queen of the vampire world? This pairing? +. Will Bella find love with a different Cullen? M for future lemons AU Bella/Carlisle M for lemons In . Twilight Fiction Rated: M English Romance/Friendship Chapters: 23 Words: 71,105 Reviews: 426 Updated: 10-23-09 Published: 8-19-09 Bella/Embry Complete, Best friends since childhood, can their friendship survive loving the same girl? She may be the only one who can save him by going back in time. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. I love Seth. Or will they always be brother and sister to each other? @font-face { //