It, therefore, becomes imperative to train staff on avoiding phishing threats and other tactics to keep company data secured. Wireless access points that allow unauthorized connection to system components and networks present vulnerabilities. A surgical attacker needs a list of the point reference numbers in use and the information required to assign meaning to each of those numbers. 14 Schelling, Arms and Influence; Erica D. Borghard and Shawn W. Lonergan, The Logic of Coercion in Cyberspace, Security Studies 26, no. For example, there is no permanent process to periodically assess the cybersecurity of fielded systems. If cybersecurity requirements are tacked on late in the process, or after a weapons system has already been deployed, the requirements are far more difficult and costly to address and much less likely to succeed.53 In 2016, DOD updated the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS), establishing cybersecurity requirements for defense contractors based on standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Prior to the 2018 strategy, defending its networks had been DODs primary focus; see, U.S. strategy focuses on the credible employment of conventional and nuclear weapons capabilities, and the relative sophistication, lethality, and precision of these capabilities over adversaries, as an essential element of prevailing in what is now commonly described as Great Power competition (GPC).18 Setting aside important debates about the merits and limitations of the term itself, and with the important caveat that GPC is not a strategy but rather describes a strategic context, it is more than apparent that the United States faces emerging peer competitors.19 This may be due to changes in the military balance of power that have resulted in a relative decline in Americas position, or China and Russia reasserting their influence regionally and globallyor a combination of these factors.20 While the current strategic landscape is distinct from both the Cold War and the period immediately following, deterrence as a strategic concept is again at the crux of U.S. strategy but with new applications and challenges. It is common to find RTUs with the default passwords still enabled in the field. - Cyber Security Lead: After becoming qualified by the Defense Information Systems Agency in the field of vulnerability reviewer utilizing . Off-the-shelf tools can perform this function in both Microsoft Windows and Unix environments. See also Alexander L. George, William E. Simons, and David I. Specifically, the potential for cyber operations to distort or degrade the ability of conventional or even nuclear capabilities to work as intended could undermine the credibility of deterrence due to a reduced capability rather than political will.17 Moreover, given the secret nature of cyber operations, there is likely to be information asymmetry between the deterring state and the ostensible target of deterrence if that target has undermined or holds at risk the deterring states capabilities without its knowledge. Historically, links from partners or peers have been trusted. Many breaches can be attributed to human error. In that case, the security of the system is the security of the weakest member (see Figure 12). L. No. Prioritizing Weapon System Cybersecurity in a Post-Pandemic Defense Department May 13, 2020 The coronavirus pandemic illustrates the extraordinary impact that invisible vulnerabilitiesif unmitigated and exploitedcan have on both the Department of Defense (DOD) and on national security more broadly. (Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press, 1987); (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2015); Schelling. 30 Dorothy E. Denning, Rethinking the Cyber Domain and Deterrence, Joint Force Quarterly 77 (2nd Quarter 2015). Often the easiest way onto a control system LAN is to take over neighboring utilities or manufacturing partners. (Sood A.K. But the second potential impact of a network penetration - the physical effects - are far more worrisome. Nikolaos Pissanidis, Henry Roigas, and Matthijs Veenendaal (Tallinn: NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, 2016), 194, available at . Instead, malicious actors could conduct cyber-enabled information operations with the aim of manipulating or distorting the perceived integrity of command and control. This paper presents a high-level, unclassified overview of threats and vulnerabilities surrounding the U.S. Navy's network systems and operations in cyberspace. Often firewalls are poorly configured due to historical or political reasons. The control system network is often connected to the business office network to provide real-time transfer of data from the control network to various elements of the corporate office. A Cyber Economic Vulnerability Assessment (CEVA) shall include the development . The operator will see a "voodoo mouse" clicking around on the screen unless the attacker blanks the screen. Common practice in most industries has a firewall separating the business LAN from the control system LAN. Indeed, Congress chartered the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission in the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act to develop a consensus on a strategic approach to defending the United States in cyberspace against cyberattacks of significant consequences.3 There is also a general acknowledgment of the link between U.S. cyber strategy below and above the threshold of armed conflict in cyberspace. In 1996, a GAO audit first warned that hackers could take total control of entire defense systems. However, adversaries could hold these at risk in cyberspace, potentially undermining deterrence. 11 Robert J. 56 Federal Acquisition Regulation: Prohibition on Contracting with Entities Using Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment, Federal Register, July 14, 2020, available at . KSAT ID. 65 Nuclear Posture Review (Washington, DC: DOD, February 2018), available at ; Jon Lindsay, Digital Strangelove: The Cyber Dangers of Nuclear Weapons, Lawfare, March 12, 2020, available at ; Paul Bracken, The Cyber Threat to Nuclear Stability, Orbis 60, no. Defense Acquisition Regulations System, Attn: Ms. Kimberly Ziegler, OUSD(A&S)DPC(DARS), 3060 . Hall, eds., The Limits of Coercive Diplomacy (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1994), for a more extensive list of success criteria. An attacker will attempt to take over a machine and wait for the legitimate user to VPN into the control system LAN and piggyback on the connection. The controller unit communicates to a CS data acquisition server using various communications protocols (structured formats for data packaging for transmission). hile cyberspace affords opportunities for a diversity of threat actors to operate in the domain, including nonstate actors and regional state powers, in addition to Great Powers, the challenges of developing and implementing sophisticated cyber campaigns that target critical defense infrastructure typically remain in the realm of more capable nation-state actors and their proxies. Credibility lies at the crux of successful deterrence. Moreover, some DOD operators did not even know the system had been compromised: [U]nexplained crashes were normal for the system, and even when intrusion detection systems issued alerts, [this] did not improve users awareness of test team activities because . The FY21 NDAA makes important progress on this front. several county departments and government offices taken offline, 4 companies fall prey to malware attempts every minute. In terms of legislative remedies, the Cyberspace Solarium Commission report recommends Congress update its recent legislative measures to assess the cyber vulnerabilities of weapons systems to account for a number of important gaps. The attacker is also limited to the commands allowed for the currently logged-in operator. and Is Possible, in, Understanding Cyber Conflict: 14 Analogies, , ed. Nearly every production control system logs to a database on the control system LAN that is then mirrored into the business LAN. Additionally, the scope and challenge in securing critical military networks and systems in cyberspace is immense. Controller units connect to the process devices and sensors to gather status data and provide operational control of the devices. Nikolaos Pissanidis, Henry Roigas, and Matthijs Veenendaal (Tallinn: NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, 2016), 194, available at <,, Weapon Systems Cybersecurity: DOD Just Beginning to Grapple with Scale of Vulnerabilities, , GAO-19-128 (Washington, DC: Government Accountability Office, 2018), available at <,, Lubold and Volz, Navy, Industry Partners Are Under Cyber Siege.. The potential risks from these vulnerabilities are huge. But our competitors including terrorists, criminals, and foreign adversaries such as Russia and China - are also using cyber to try to steal our technology, disrupt our economy and government processes, and threaten critical infrastructure. Common firewall flaws include passing Microsoft Windows networking packets, passing rservices, and having trusted hosts on the business LAN. This will increase effectiveness. On the communications protocol level, the devices are simply referred to by number. The most common means of vendor support used to be through a dial-up modem and PCAnywhere (see Figure 8). 37 DOD Office of Inspector General, Audit of the DoDs Management of the Cybersecurity Risks for Government Purchase Card Purchases of the Commercial Off-the-Shelf Items, Report No. 32 Erik Gartzke and Jon R. Lindsay, Thermonuclear Cyberwar, Journal of Cybersecurity 3, no. By Continuing to use this site, you are consenting to the use of cookies. Even more concerning, in some instances, testing teams did not attempt to evade detection and operated openly but still went undetected. At the same time, adversaries are making substantial investments in technology and innovation to directly erode that edge, while also shielding themselves from it by developing offset, antiaccess/area-denial capabilities.7 Moreover, adversaries are engaging in cyber espionage to discern where key U.S. military capabilities and systems may be vulnerable and to potentially blind and paralyze the United States with cyber effects in a time of crisis or conflict.8. Unfortunately, in many cases when contractors try to enhance their security, they face a lot of obstacles that prevent them from effectively keeping their data and infrastructure protected. 3 (2017), 381393. By inserting commands into the command stream the attacker can issue arbitrary or targeted commands. See National Science Board, Overview of the State of the U.S. S&E Enterprise in a Global Context, in Science and Engineering Indicators 2018 (Alexandria, VA: National Science Foundation, 2018), O-1; Scott Boston et al., Assessing the Conventional Force Imbalance in Europe: Implications for Countering Russian Local Superiority (Santa Monica, CA: RAND, 2018). The business firewall is administered by the corporate IT staff and the control system firewall is administered by the control system staff. Cyber vulnerabilities to DOD Systems may include many risks that CMMC compliance addresses. 42 Lubold and Volz, Navy, Industry Partners Are Under Cyber Siege.. He reiterated . . The objective would be to improve the overall resilience of the systems as well as to identify secondary and tertiary dependencies, with a focus on rapid remediation of identified vulnerabilities. 3 (January 2020), 4883. Based on this analysis, this capability could proactively conduct threat-hunting against those identified networks and assets to seek evidence of compromise, identify vulnerabilities, and deploy countermeasures to enable early warning and thwart adversary action. This page contains a web-friendly version of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's Binding Operational Directive 19-02, "Vulnerability Remediation Requirements for Internet-Accessible Systems". Misconfigurations. Most Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) identify themselves and the vendor who made them. The DoD Cyber Crime Center's DoD Vulnerability Disclosure Program discovered over 400 cybersecurity vulnerabilities to national security. National Defense University They decided to outsource such expertise from the MAD Security team and without input, the company successfully achieved a measurable cyber risk reduction. 2 (January 1979), 289324; Thomas C. Schelling. A potential impediment to implementing this recommendation is the fact that many cyber threats will traverse the boundaries of combatant commands, including U.S. Cyber Command, U.S. Strategic Command, and the geographic combatant commands. CISA cites misconfigurations and poor security controls as a common reason why hackers can get initial access to sensitive data or company systems due to critical infrastructure. Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, see, for example, National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), Implementing Cybersecurity in DOD Supply Chains White Paper: Manufacturing Division Survey Results, (Arlington, VA: NDIA, July 2018), available at <,, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and, Sustainment, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, available at <, >; DOD, Press Briefing by Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Ellen M. Lord, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Kevin Fahey, and Chief Information Security Officer for Acquisition Katie Arrington, January 31, 2020, available at <,, Federal Acquisition Regulation: Prohibition on Contracting with Entities Using Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment,, George Perkovich and Ariel E. Levite (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2017), 147157; and Justin Sherman, How the U.S. Can Prevent the Next Cyber 9/11, Wired, August 6, 2020, available at . For instance, former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer described naval and industry partner systems as being under cyber siege by Chinese hackers.42 Yet of most concern is that the integrity and credibility of deterrence will be compromised by the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of weapons systems. The Defense Department is in the stages of improving the cyber security of the weapon systems it develops and the vulnerabilities of these systems are made worse due to their complexity, warns a new report by congressional auditors. systems. An effective attack is to export the screen of the operator's HMI console back to the attacker (see Figure 14). , ed. 6. By modifying replies, the operator can be presented with a modified picture of the process. None of the above We cant do this mission alone, so the DOD must expand its cyber-cooperation by: Personnel must increase their cyber awareness. To support a strategy of full-spectrum deterrence, the United States must maintain credible and capable conventional and nuclear capabilities. 48 Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition, Chief Systems Engineer, Naval Systems of Systems Systems Engineering Guidebook, Volume II, Version 2.0 (Washington, DC: Headquarters Department of the Navy, November 6, 2006), 3. Scholars and practitioners in the area of cyber strategy and conflict focus on two key strategic imperatives for the United States: first, to maintain and strengthen the current deterrence of cyberattacks of significant consequence; and second, to reverse the tide of malicious behavior that may not rise to a level of armed attack but nevertheless has cumulative strategic implications as part of adversary campaigns. Some key works include Kenneth N. Waltz, The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: More May Be Better, Adelphi Papers 171 (London: International Institute for Strategic Studies, 1981); Lawrence D. Freedman and Jeffrey Michaels, The Evolution of Nuclear Strategy (London: Macmillan, 1989); Robert Powell, Nuclear Deterrence Theory: The Search for Credibility (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990); Richard K. Betts, Nuclear Blackmail and Nuclear Balance (Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press, 1987); Bernard Brodie, Strategy in the Missile Age (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2015); Schelling, Arms and Influence. Perhaps most distressingly, the GAO has been warning about these cyber vulnerabilities since the mid-1990s. The department will do this by: Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Four Pillars U.S. National Cyber Strategy, Hosted by Defense Media Activity - False 3. The Department of Defense (DOD) strategic concept of defend forward and U.S. Cyber Commands concept of persistent engagement are largely directed toward this latter challenge. There are 360 million probes targeted at Defense Department networks each day, compared to the 1 million probes an average major U.S. bank gets per month." This number dwarfs even the newer . Erik Gartzke and Jon R. Lindsay, Thermonuclear Cyberwar,, Austin Long, A Cyber SIOP? Furthermore, with networks becoming more cumbersome, there is a dire need to actively manage cyber security vulnerabilities. The increasingly computerized and networked nature of the U.S. military's weapons contributes to their vulnerability. a. Within the Intelligence Community, the National Counterintelligence and Security Center within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence also plays a role in supply chain security through its counterintelligence mission, which includes the defense industrial base. Control systems are vulnerable to cyber attack from inside and outside the control system network. Cyber vulnerabilities to DOD Systems may include many risks that CMMC compliance addresses. They make threat outcomes possible and potentially even more dangerous. Heartbleed came from community-sourced code. Adversaries studied the American way of war and began investing in capabilities that targeted our strengths and sought to exploit perceived weaknesses.21 In this new environment, cyberspace is a decisive arena in broader GPC, with significant implications for cross-domain deterrence.22, The literature on the feasibility of deterrence in cyberspace largely focuses on within-domain deterrencein other words, the utility and feasibility of using (or threatening) cyber means to deter cyber behavior.23 Scholars have identified a number of important impediments to this form of cyber deterrence.24 For instance, the challenges of discerning timely and accurate attribution could weaken cyber deterrence through generating doubt about the identity of the perpetrator of a cyberattack, which undermines the credibility of response options.25 Uncertainty about the effects of cyber capabilitiesboth anticipating them ex ante and measuring them ex postmay impede battle damage assessments that are essential for any deterrence calculus.26 This uncertainty is further complicated by limitations in the ability to hold targets at risk or deliver effects repeatedly over time.27 A deterring state may avoid revealing capabilities (which enhances the credibility of deterrence) because the act of revealing them renders the capabilities impotent.28 Finally, the target may simply not perceive the threatened cyber costs to be sufficiently high to affect its calculus, or the target may be willing to gamble that a threatened action may not produce the effect intended by the deterring state due to the often unpredictable and fleeting nature of cyber operations and effects.29 Others offer a more sanguine take. While the United States has ostensibly deterred strategic cyberattacks above the threshold of armed conflict, it has failed to create sufficient costs for adversaries below that threshold in a way that would shape adversary behavior in a desired direction.1 Effectively, this tide of malicious behavior represents a deterrence failure for strategic cyber campaigns below the use-of-force threshold; threat actors have not been dissuaded from these types of campaigns because they have not perceived that the costs or risks of conducting them outweigh the benefits.2 This breakdown has led to systemic and pervasive efforts by adversaries to leverage U.S. vulnerabilities and its large attack surface in cyberspace to conduct intellectual property theftincluding critical national security intellectual propertyat scale, use cyberspace in support of information operations that undermine Americas democratic institutions, and hold at risk the critical infrastructure that sustains the U.S. economy, national security, and way of life. This article recommends the DoD adopt an economic strategy called the vulnerability market, or the market for zero-day exploits, to enhance system Information Assurance. Each control system vendor is unique in where it stores the operator HMI screens and the points database. 55 Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, available at ; DOD, Press Briefing by Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Ellen M. Lord, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Kevin Fahey, and Chief Information Security Officer for Acquisition Katie Arrington, January 31, 2020, available at . As adversaries cyber threats become more sophisticated, addressing the cybersecurity of DODs increasingly advanced and networked weapons systems should be prioritized. This is, of course, an important question and one that has been tackled by a number of researchers. Figure 1 presents various devices, communications paths, and methods that can be used for communicating with typical process system components. Wireless access points that allow unauthorized connection to system components and networks present vulnerabilities. Operational Considerations for Strategic Offensive Cyber Planning, Journal of Cybersecurity 3, no. Optimizing the mix of service members, civilians and contractors who can best support the mission. Through the mutual cooperation between industry and the military in securing information, the DoD optimizes security investments, secures critical information, and provides an . Over the past year, a number of seriously consequential cyber attacks against the United States have come to light. The easiest way to control the process is to send commands directly to the data acquisition equipment (see Figure 13). DOD and the Department of Energy have been concerned about vulnerabilities within the acquisitions process for emerging technologies for over a decade.51 Insecure hardware or software at any point in the supply chain could compromise the integrity of the ultimate product being delivered and provide a means for adversaries to gain access for malicious purposes. Until recently, DODs main acquisitions requirements policy did not systematically address cybersecurity concerns. 4 As defined in Joint Publication 3-12, Cyberspace Operations (Washington, DC: The Joint Staff, June 8, 2018), The term blue cyberspace denotes areas in cyberspace protected by [the United States], its mission partners, and other areas DOD may be ordered to protect, while red cyberspace refers to those portions of cyberspace owned or controlled by an adversary or enemy. Finally, all cyberspace that does not meet the description of either blue or red is referred to as gray cyberspace (I-4, I-5). This is why the commission recommends that DOD develop and designate a force structure element to serve as a threat-hunting capability across the entire DOD Information Network (DODIN), thus covering the full range of nonnuclear to nuclear force employment. The target must believe that the deterring state has both the capabilities to inflict the threatening costs and the resolve to carry out a threat.14 A deterring state must therefore develop mechanisms for signaling credibility to the target.15 Much of the Cold War deterrence literature focused on the question of how to convey resolve, primarily because the threat to use nuclear weaponsparticularly in support of extended deterrence guarantees to allieslacks inherent credibility given the extraordinarily high consequences of nuclear weapons employment in comparison to any political objective.16 This raises questions about decisionmakers willingness to follow through on a nuclear threat. Work remains to be done. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990); Richard K. Betts. The attacker dials every phone number in a city looking for modems. 21 National Security Strategy of the United States of America (Washington, DC: The White House, December 2017), 27, available at . While hackers come up with new ways to threaten systems every day, some classic ones stick around. What we know from past experience is that information about U.S. weapons is sought after. 3 (2017), 454455. Therefore, urgent policy action is needed to address the cyber vulnerabilities of key weapons systems and functions. Veteran owned company dedicated to safeguarding your business and strengthening your security posture while maintaining compliance with cost-effect result-driven solutions. This has led to a critical gap in strategic thinkingnamely, the cross-domain implications of cyber vulnerabilities and adversary cyber operations in day-to-day competition for deterrence and warfighting above the level of armed conflict. 51 Office of Inspector General, Progress and Challenges in Securing the Nations Cyberspace (Washington, DC: Department of Homeland Security, July 2004), 136, available at . 1981); Lawrence D. Freedman and Jeffrey Michaels. Prior to the 2018 strategy, defending its networks had been DODs primary focus; see The DOD Cyber Strategy (Washington, DC: DOD, April 2015), available at . In this way, cyber vulnerabilities that adversaries exploit in routine competition below the level of war have dangerous implications for the U.S. ability to deter and prevail in conflict above that thresholdeven in a noncyber context. DODIG-2019-106 (Washington, DC: DOD, July 26, 2019), 2, available at <,, Valerie Insinna, Inside Americas Dysfunctional Trillion-Dollar Fighter-Jet Program,, Robert Koch and Mario Golling, Weapons Systems and Cyber SecurityA Challenging Union, in, ed. MAD Security recently collaborated with Design Interactive, a cutting-edge research and software development company trying to enhance cybersecurity to prevent cyber attacks. Course Library: Common Cyber Threat Indicators and Countermeasures Page 8 Removable Media The Threat Removable media is any type of storage device that can be added to and removed from a computer while the system is running.Adversaries may use removable media to gain access to your system. large versionFigure 9: IT Controlled Communication Gear. Early this year, a criminal ring dubbed Carbanak cyber gang was discovered by the experts at Kaspersky Lab, the hackers have swiped over $1 Billion from banks worldwide The financial damage to the world economy due to cybercrime exceed 575 billion dollars, the figures are disconcerting if we consider that are greater than the GDP of many countries. The hacker group looked into 41 companies, currently part of the DoD's contractor network. 1 (2017), 20. However, GAO reported in 2018 that DOD was routinely finding cyber vulnerabilities late in its development process. 52 Manual for the Operation of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (Washington, DC: DOD, August 2018). Items denoted by a * are CORE KSATs for every Work Role, while other CORE KSATs vary by Work Role. However, the credibility conundrum manifests itself differently today. Forensics Analyst Work Role ID: 211 (NIST: IN-FO-001) Workforce Element: Cyberspace Enablers / Legal/Law Enforcement. Simply put, ensuring your systems are compliant, and setting up control in place are often the best efforts a company can make to protect its systems from cyberattacks. 2 The United States has long maintained strategic ambiguity about how to define what constitutes a use of force in any domain, including cyberspace, and has taken a more flexible stance in terms of the difference between a use of force and armed attack as defined in the United Nations charter.
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